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Fair instead of precarious!

General and academic staff on List 4 GEMEINSAM AUGE/UG - TOGETHER for you in AK-Wien

The outsourcing of institutions from public administration leads to different employment relationships - the same happens at universities! The consequences are less security and lower pay for the same work. Democratic control over important services for health, education and social security is also being dismantled.

Basic services for the population are being outsourced to profit interests and supposed austerity measures.

We demand:

  • Equal pay for equal work - secured by collective agreement
  • Fair employment contracts without time limits and integration of temporary workers
  • Secure, public financing of basic services
  • Expansion of workplace democracy

Because: first outsourcing and then playing stupid is not enough.

For us, you are at the center. We represent you and no party, independently, across trade unions, in solidarity.


 Experience and expertise when it comes to working at universities!